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1st July 2008
We are back !
Have I made an enemy of 20th Century Fox?
A few weeks ago I received an email from Youtube stating that they had removed my Predator Tribute Video as a complaint had been received by 20th Century Fox. I immediately jumped onto Youtube and did a search for Predator Music Videos. Hundreds of results came back including mine. After clicking on a few it seems that mine was the only one that had been removed - ALL of the others are still up!
So what was so special about mine? The only thing I can think of is that mine showed pretty much the entire plot and story of the film.
Not content with just getting the video removed, a few days later and this website had been removed due to usage abuses!
If anybody has any simillar experiences please let me know!
Due to the recent actions of 20th Century Fox, some of my videos will not be on these pages, although you can find most of them by searching Youtube.
We hope you enjoy your stay at Neilshomemovies, and hope to see you again.
All the best,

NHM 2008